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What Is the Name of the Airport in Kingston Jamaica

    If you’re planning a trip to Kingston, Jamaica, you might be wondering what the name of the airport is. Is it the Kingston Jamaica Airport? Or maybe something else? Well, we’re here to give you the answer.

    The airport in Kingston, Jamaica is called Norman Manley International Airport. Formerly known as Palisadoes Airport, it is the main international airport serving the city and the surrounding areas. Located south of the island, approximately 19 km from the center of New Kingston, Norman Manley International Airport is named after Jamaican statesman Norman Manley.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The airport in Kingston, Jamaica is named Norman Manley International Airport.
    • It is the main international airport serving the city and the surrounding areas.
    • Norman Manley International Airport is located south of the island, approximately 19 km from the center of New Kingston.
    • The airport is named after Jamaican statesman Norman Manley.

    Location and Facilities

    Norman Manley International Airport is conveniently situated on the Palisadoes tombolo, providing easy access to travelers visiting Kingston, Jamaica. Located between the bustling city and the picturesque Caribbean Sea, the airport offers breathtaking views as you arrive or depart.

    At Norman Manley International Airport, we strive to provide a seamless and comfortable travel experience for our passengers. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to cater to your every need.

    Upon arrival, our well-equipped arrivals hall ensures a smooth immigration and customs process. From there, you will find a variety of transportation options available, including car rental services, taxis, and tour operators, making it convenient for you to explore the vibrant city of Kingston or venture out to other parts of the island.

    For those departing, our departure lounges provide a comfortable and relaxing space where you can unwind before your flight. Take advantage of our retail concessions to indulge in some last-minute shopping or grab a bite to eat at our dining establishments. Our passenger loading bridges ensure a seamless boarding process, allowing you to embark on your journey smoothly.

    At Norman Manley International Airport, we understand the importance of convenience and accessibility. Our location and range of facilities are designed to enhance your travel experience, whether you’re a tourist exploring the beauty of Kingston or a business traveler attending meetings in the city’s business districts.

    Experience the warm Jamaican hospitality and world-class facilities at Norman Manley International Airport, your gateway to Kingston, Jamaica!


    Norman Manley International Airport

    The aviation industry in Jamaica has a rich history, dating back to the first reported flight on the island in 1911. Since then, the industry has grown significantly, contributing to the development of air travel in the region.

    In 1947, the Civil Aviation Department of Jamaica was established, marking a crucial milestone in the country’s aviation sector. The department played a pivotal role in regulating and overseeing air transportation activities. The following year, in 1948, the Kingston Air Traffic Control Centre was set up, further enhancing the safety and efficiency of air travel in Jamaica.

    During this period of growth and development in the aviation industry, Palisadoes Airport was established in 1948. The airport, later renamed Norman Manley International Airport, has played a vital role in connecting Jamaica to the rest of the world. Its establishment coincided with the development of Montego Bay Airport, now known as Sangster International Airport, demonstrating the country’s commitment to improving air travel infrastructure.

    Over the years, Norman Manley International Airport has undergone various renovations and improvements to meet the increasing demands of passengers and the ever-evolving aviation industry. These enhancements have enabled the airport to provide a seamless travel experience and uphold the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

    As the aviation industry in Jamaica continues to thrive, Norman Manley International Airport remains a crucial player in connecting the country to the global aviation network.

    Renovation and Expansion

    airport renovation

    Norman Manley International Airport has undergone several renovation and expansion projects to enhance its facilities and increase its capacity. We are committed to providing a world-class travel experience for our passengers, and these improvements are a testament to that commitment.

    The airport’s masterplan, implemented in three phases, outlines our vision for the future of Norman Manley International Airport. This comprehensive plan aims to accommodate projected air and passenger traffic until 2023, ensuring that we can meet the growing demand for air travel to and from Kingston, Jamaica.

    In the first phase, completed in 2007, we focused on enhancing the airport’s infrastructure. This included the construction of a state-of-the-art departures building, upgrades to the roadway system and parking areas, and improvements to the terminal arrivals area. These enhancements have significantly improved the flow of passengers and streamlined their journey through the airport.

    In Phase 1B, completed in 2010, we continued our efforts to enhance the passenger experience. This phase involved further upgrades to existing buildings and the construction of a new arrivals area. The new arrivals area provides a welcoming and efficient space for passengers to complete immigration and customs processes while enjoying modern facilities.

    Currently, we are in Phase 2 of our masterplan, which focuses on additional improvements and maintenance works. This phase includes upgrades to the airport’s facilities, such as retail concessions, departure lounges, and passenger loading bridges. We are also implementing maintenance projects to ensure that our infrastructure remains in excellent condition for years to come.

    Our commitment to renovation and expansion reflects our dedication to providing a superior travel experience for our passengers. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the evolving needs of the aviation industry and strive to set new standards for airport facilities and services.

    These ongoing improvements demonstrate our commitment to:

    1. Enhancing passenger comfort and convenience
    2. Improving efficiency and streamlining operations
    3. Meeting the increasing demand for air travel
    4. Fostering economic growth and development in Jamaica

    We believe that Norman Manley International Airport plays a vital role in connecting Jamaica to the world and are dedicated to continuously improving our facilities to meet the needs of our passengers and support the growth of the aviation industry in the region.

    Airlines and Destinations

    Norman Manley International Airport serves as a gateway to various domestic and international destinations. We are proud to be connected with major airlines, offering convenient and reliable flights for travelers. Our airline partners include industry leaders such as American Airlines, Air Canada, JetBlue Airways, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Copa Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and InterCaribbean Airways.

    From Norman Manley International Airport, you can reach a wide range of popular destinations. Whether you’re planning a trip for business or leisure, we have you covered. Some of the top destinations we offer flights to include Miami, New York, London, Toronto, Panama City, and Havana, among many others. With so many choices available, you can easily find a flight that suits your schedule and preferences.

    At Norman Manley International Airport, we strive to provide exceptional service and connections to ensure a seamless travel experience. Book your next flight with us and explore the exciting destinations waiting to be discovered.

    Statistics and Traffic

    In 2021, Norman Manley International Airport experienced significant passenger traffic with a total of 830,500 arriving passengers. As one of the busiest airports in Jamaica, it successfully handles over 130 international flights per week. These airport statistics highlight the crucial role it plays in facilitating travel to and from Kingston, Jamaica.

    To give you an idea of its growth, the airport’s total capacity is projected to reach approximately 1.7 million passengers by 2023. This data indicates the continuous expansion and development of the airport to meet the increasing demands of travelers.

    If you’re curious about the impact Norman Manley International Airport has in Jamaica, these figures demonstrate its significance as a major transportation hub that connects Kingston with numerous domestic and international destinations.


    Norman Manley International Airport, located in Kingston, Jamaica, is the primary airport serving the city and the surrounding areas. As the second busiest airport in the country, it offers a range of domestic and international flights, serving as a hub for Caribbean Airlines.

    The airport has undergone renovations and expansions to accommodate the growing number of passengers and improve its facilities. With its convenient location and various airlines and destinations, Norman Manley International Airport plays a crucial role in facilitating travel in and out of Kingston, Jamaica.

    Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Norman Manley International Airport strives to provide a seamless travel experience. From its well-equipped arrivals hall to its departure lounges and retail concessions, the airport ensures utmost convenience for its passengers. With a wide range of airlines and destinations to choose from, you can easily reach your desired location from this bustling airport.