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What Is the Weather Like in Kingston Jamaica in October

    When planning a trip to Kingston, Jamaica in October, it’s natural to wonder what the weather will be like. Will it be too hot? Will there be a lot of rain? And can we still enjoy outdoor activities?

    Well, fret not! We have all the answers for you. In this article, we will dive into the climate, temperature averages, precipitation, and daylight hours in Kingston, Jamaica during October. So, let’s unravel the mysteries of this tropical paradise and discover what the fall weather outlook has in store for us.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Kingston, Jamaica experiences warm and tropical weather in October with average high temperatures around 88°F.
    • The daily low temperatures rarely fall below 75°F or exceed 82°F, making it comfortable for outdoor activities.
    • October is slightly wet with an average of 168mm (6.6in) of precipitation spread across about 10 days.
    • Despite the rain, there are still plenty of sunny days for enjoying the beautiful beaches and outdoor adventures.
    • Kingston, Jamaica enjoys an average of 11 hours and 41 minutes of daylight each day during October.

    Average Temperature and Precipitation in October in Kingston

    In October, the weather in Kingston, Jamaica is characterized by warm temperatures and occasional rainfall.

    The average temperature during this month is around 28°C (82°F), with afternoons often reaching highs of 31°C (88°F). It’s important to note that the afternoons can get hot, so make sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen if you’re planning to spend time outdoors.

    As for precipitation, October sees an average of 168mm (6.6in) of rainfall spread across about 10 days. While it is considered a slightly wet month, the rain showers are usually short-lived and don’t typically last all day. This means that there are still plenty of sunny days to enjoy outdoor activities such as exploring the city, visiting historical sites, or lounging on the beautiful beaches.

    Daylight Hours and Sunshine in October in Kingston

    Kingston Jamaica October climate

    In October, Kingston, Jamaica experiences an average of 11 hours and 41 minutes of daylight each day. The shortest day of the month is October 31 with 11 hours and 29 minutes of daylight, while the longest day is October 1 with 11 hours and 58 minutes of daylight.

    The weather is generally sunny, with about 65% of the daylight hours being sunny and 35% being cloudy.

    We can expect a good amount of sunshine during October, making it a great time to explore the beautiful beaches and enjoy outdoor activities in Kingston, Jamaica.

    Moon Phases and Sunrise/Sunset Times in October in Kingston

    Kingston Jamaica October weather forecast

    As we delve into the details of October weather in Kingston, Jamaica, let’s take a moment to explore the moon phases and sunrise/sunset times during this beautiful autumn month.

    In October, the moon phases in Kingston, Jamaica vary throughout the month, creating an ever-changing celestial display. From the beginning to the end of the month, we witness the transition from the early stages of the lunar cycle to its culmination.

    The earliest sunrise occurs on October 1 at 5:57 AM, offering a gentle awakening to the day’s adventures. It gradually becomes brighter each morning, preparing us for the excitement that lies ahead.

    On the other side, the latest sunrise greets us on October 31 at 6:06 AM, paving the way for a slightly more leisurely start to the day. As the month draws to a close, we savor the moments of calm and reflection that the later sunrise brings.

    Similarly, the latest sunset occurs on October 1 at 5:55 PM, providing extended evenings to immerse ourselves in the vibrant energy of Kingston’s October nights. The city comes alive with its enchanting blend of culture, music, and culinary delights.

    As we bid farewell to October, the earliest sunset reveals itself on October 31 at 5:35 PM. This earlier descent into dusk allows us to embrace the tranquility that the approaching new season brings, cherishing the memories we’ve made and eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

    During October, Kingston does not observe daylight saving time, ensuring that the natural rhythm of sunrise and sunset remains untouched, providing an authentic and uninterrupted experience of the city’s beauty.


    October in Kingston, Jamaica offers a delightful fall weather outlook with a tropical touch. The autumn weather overview indicates warm temperatures, averaging highs of 88°F and lows of 78°F. This creates the perfect climate for outdoor activities and exploring the stunning beaches in Kingston.

    While there may be occasional rain showers, they are often short-lived, allowing for the majority of the days to be filled with sunshine. The October weather conditions offer an ideal balance of warmth and the occasional refreshing sprinkle, ensuring you can make the most of your visit to this vibrant city.

    Whether you choose to lounge on the sandy shores or immerse yourself in the rich cultural and historical heritage of Kingston, October promises an enjoyable climate that caters to all types of travelers. So pack your sunglasses and sunscreen and get ready to experience the charm of this Jamaican paradise.